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"I want to bring joy with my pictures, and sometimes I want to promote more tolerance."

Aline lives in the Basel region. Her pillars are her two men (son and husband) and she always finds her artistic and (everyday) motivation in them. For several years now, the artist has been working primarily with the material paper and integrating this into her work. Most of her works are created from a mixture of materials and techniques (acrylic, books, pastel colors, markers, ink, and much more) and reflect her emotions, topics that concern her and accompany her.

" Aline embodies reality, an unknown future and differentiates into the past, which could possibly have been improved. She strives for balance. The artist's field is not a world of lengths and widths as we know it. It is a world that we have in us, which blooms here, as well as in Switzerland, in an inexplicable way. "

- José Roberto Moreira - curator and gallery owner


Exhibitions and events

from August 2020: Solo exhibition in the "parallel moves"

Carnival 2020: Lantern for "E Hämpfeli Spootzinder"

October 2019: Postcard Festival

Carnival 2019: Lantern for "E Hämpfeli Spootzinder"

September 2018: 4th Basel Art Market

Carnival 2018: Lantern for "E Hämpfeli Spootzinder"

September 2018: Olten Art Market

Carnival 2017: Lantern for "E Hämpfeli Spootzinder"

September 2017: 3rd Basel Art Market

December 17, 2016: Core zone advent calendar: live painting

November 2016 - January 2017: Solothurn art supermarket

November 2016: Arte Binningen, international art exhibition

September 2016: 2nd Basel Art Market

October 2016: Postcard Festival

09/25/2016: Organization of the 1st Basel Art Market in the Markthalle Basel

September 18-19, 2016: Olten Art Market

May 2016: Publication of the art catalog ARS Artis

04/14 - May 12, 2016:
Group exhibition "the small format" Galerie alpha 7 - Weisweil / DE

04/02 - 04/30/2016:
Group exhibition "Cloud - quo vadis?" Gallery L33 in Werdenberg / CH

Carnival 2016: Lantern for "E Hämpfeli Spootzinder"

January - March 2016: Exhibition in the St. Martin / Olten retirement and nursing home

11/28/2015 - 11/2016: The Dark Slide Skate Art Show - Dubuque / USA
October 31, 2015 Exhibition "Witches, Feen & City Angels" in the Buchcafé in Münchenstein

October 24th, 2015 Vernissage of the new art room in the Teufelhof Basel

08.10.2015 MAG's art exhibition tour "healthy" (Munich / Germany)
October 6th, 2015 in the gallery "Art Pieces" in St. Gallen

October 3rd, 2015 Wandersalon on the subject of "City Views", as well as 3 guest artists in the core zone in Binningen

03.10.2015 - 16.10.2015 group exhibition at the Colorida ART Gallery in Lisbon (Portugal)

September 11-12, 2015: Olten Art Market

September 2015: 1st Basel Art Market

09.2015 - 12.2015 Exhibition in the "haireinspaziert" in Frauenfeld
05.2015: Design of art room 1 in the Teufelhof Basel (Vernissage: 24.10.2015)
06/27 - 2015: Solo exhibition in the "owi Center Winterthur"
2014: Publication: "International Contemporary Artists Vol IX"
11.2014: Oberwil art market (Sprützehüsli)
September 13-17, 2014: Group exhibition, SEAMS (art inspired by Fashion / Fashion inspired by art)
Sweet 'Art Gallery, London / UK
September 12-13, 2014: Olten Art Market
2014 Publication: "hiddentreasure art magazinge" Yearbook 2014/2
15.01. - 02/10/2014: The International Postcard Show 2014 - Surface Gallery, Nottingham / UK
01.2014: Group exhibition - WN Gallery, New York / USA
2013: Publication: "International Contemporary Artists Vol VII"
November 8th - 17th, 2013: arte Binningen - International Art Fair
09/28/2013: pop-up shop. Single project: one-day art shop
2013: Publication: "The New Collectors Book"
03.2013 - 05.2013 Solo exhibition: "le regard coloré" "Kernzone" Binningen / CH
2011 - 2012: Group exhibition in the gallery hotel in the Teufelhof Basel / CH
2011 - 2012: Solo exhibition in the Anatomical Museum Basel / CH
24.09.2011: 2nd ART SAVOUR art auction in the "KUK - Kultur & Kongresshaus Aarau" / CH
2010: Carnival lantern for the "Basel Carnival"
2010 Group exhibition in the "Summer Gallery" in Frasnacht near Arbon / CH
2010: Solo exhibition at "InLingua" in Basel / CH
2009: Solo exhibition at "Bättig Living and Glass Culture" in Birsfelden / CH

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