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paint a rain picture

A creative idea for the next children's birthday party

I'll come to your house on the day of the party. I'll take everything we need for painting and handicrafts. You only provide a table big enough for all the children and me and chairs. When inviting, it would be good to write to the children to take an apron with them. 

Each child can take home at least one paper rain picture after the party.

The price for 90 minutes of handicrafts and painting is CHF 160.-.

Ideally, we plan a short break (not included in the 90 minutes). 

Duration: 90 minutes (+ time of break in between)

Costs: for 2-4 children 160.- (for each additional child + 5.- Fr.)

Travel costs: everything up to 6 km from Basel is included (after that CHF 0.80 per km)

Age: from 8 years (also suitable for older children)

Combinations: You can easily combine this workshop with another, especially if the children like to do handicrafts and painting (e.g. with the Galaxy pendant or the free handicrafts, etc.).

I would be happy to send you an individual price quotation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

I look forward to your inquiry. 

More sample images

Foto 04.04.21, 13 44 58
Foto 04.04.21, 13 45 04
Foto 04.04.21, 13 45 11
Foto 04.04.21, 13 45 08
Foto 04.04.21, 13 44 42
Foto 04.04.21, 13 44 54
Foto 04.04.21, 13 44 50
Foto 04.04.21, 13 44 46
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